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Since you’re here, chances are you’re looking to shift something that’s not quite right in your world. The truth is almost no one wakes up and says, “My life is wonderful, I think I’ll change it.” Deep, meaningful change typically comes out of discontent, frustration or heartache, and often the deeper the pain, the bigger and more profound the transformation. What if the dissatisfaction or fear or stuckness you may be feeling is actually a good thing? What if it was a message from your inner wisdom telling you it’s time to change course so you can find a new path that’s more aligned with who you are becoming?

What Does It Take To Shift Your Life?​

While the path towards change is different for each person, it starts with a desire and a commitment to want to shift. Without that nothing happens. But even the most committed of us can get sidetracked by our inner fears, doubts, resistances and other subconscious blocks. As you start to make changes in your life, your internal warning systems go crazy. These systems would prefer you stay safe and small rather than run the risk of failing. This is when we often sabotage ourselves, lower our goals, give up our dreams or slip back into old patterns. But when you have a coach, you’ll have a partner who will keep you focused and moving forward when you start to doubt yourself. Together, we’ll beat back those negative voices so you can move through the fear and doubt and into the changes you’re wanting to make. Using guided meditations, energy work, and other processes, we can access your deep inner knowing to help shift those blocks into a new way of being.

I've worked with Carla for over 6 years and the compound effect has changed my world in ways I never thought possible on several levels: professionally, and spiritually. My reactions to triggering events are more productive, calm and thoughtful.I am more open and brave to swing out bigger at work and develop a side hustle that we're growing to be my real, full-time hustle. Relationships with friends, family, boyfriend and co-workers are deeper and have more space for growth. With Carla you get a powerful combination wrapped into one: wise and intuitive teacher, deep spiritual guide, relevant business advisor, patient space holder, fierce sister, loving friend...and so much more. She is committed - sometimes even more than I am - to making sure the concepts we discuss in each session are integrated into practical use in my daily life. Her commitment to the usefulness and integration of our work together is invaluable. I would be proud to talk to anyone as a reference on Carla's behalf, she is just that powerful of a partner.

Why Integration Coaching?

Whether you’re seeking change through books, coaching, therapy, workshops, transformational experiences or even altered states, the real work lies in integrating what you’ve learned. Without integration, very little sticks long term. However, with integration you’ll experience enhanced clarity, deeper commitment and faster, longer-lasting, transformational growth. As we seek to shift away from painful or unhelpful patterns in our lives there are a number of ways that integration work can help us heal and make us more whole:
1. Rather than pushing down or ignoring old emotional wounds, integration helps us connect with that hurt part of ourselves so we can acknowledge, release and heal old traumas and patterns.
2. When we let external voices or negative self talk shape and rule our decisions, we lose touch with our deep inner guidance. Using body-based integration processes, we can learn to temper those negative voices so we can reconnect with our deepest wisdom and inner divinity.
3. Many of us have experienced big, transformational shifts and not known how to hold them or integrate them into our daily lives, so we often ignore them. Integration practices help to shift the energy of these experiences: either by healing and releasing them or by assimilating them into day-to-day consciousness. The result is a deeper understanding of the messages of these experiences, which helps move us into wholeness and motivated action.

Carla spoke such words of wisdom and guidance into my life. She was able to pinpoint who I was and where things had gotten stuck. She was right on and extremely compassionate. I had a pattern of only going so far and then sort of letting things drift and fall apart. Working with Carla ended that negative pattern. Carla helped me tap into deep unfelt and unspoken emotions that have hindered me since I was a little girl. The results I see are a deep appreciation and love for myself, being able to look at myself and see my beauty, power and vulnerability. I feel powerful, connected and so free. People who know me see the difference and comment how grounded, focused and open I am. I am attracting new clients and so much positive support from all types of people in my personal life. I really am enjoying being me and getting great results thanks to Carla’s support, coaching and fabulous energy.

Asking for Help Is the Hardest Part

If you’re ready to explore those stuck places, own your power and step into what you came here to do, I would love to be your transformation partner.

I’m Carla Detchon, and I’m deeply fascinated by personal growth. I’ve been a certified Life Coach for almost two decades, and I love helping my clients access their inner wisdom through guided meditations, integration practices and energy work. A weekend course with Michael Harner (The Way of the Shaman) in 1996 first awakened me to the possibilities of accessing answers from non-ordinary states of consciousness. I went on to study with Ralph Metzner for 20 years learning his Metzner Alchemical Divination processes. I studied Life Coaching through the Coaches Training Institute (CTI) in 2002, and I completed The Center for Right Relationship’s advanced training in Relationship Systems Coaching in 2004. I am also a graduate of CTI’s experiential, ten-month Leadership Program, where I trained to be a workshop and program leader, and I have been certified by the International Coach Federation. More recently, I learned to use energy tools to help clear old stuck patterns through Enwaken Energy Coaching. I’d love to hear about your journey and see if I can help you on your path of integration and transformation.

I took the leap and decided to try a life coach. I knew sports coaches and how a good one could get you where you wanted to go faster and guide you around your blind spots. I jumped in, and in our first session I asked, "What will the new me be like?" Carla said something like – you'll still be you, there'll just be more of you.  Satisfied customer reports that there is not a magical new me, but there is solidly more of me. When we first started working together, I needed to learn to sit with some tough stuff I was going through. Carla expertly guided me, gave me tools, listened carefully, remembered everything, challenged me, and as I grew she upped the challenges. I looked forward to our sessions together, and she was there for me when I needed some off-cycle sessions. Carla is as spiritual and deep as you want to be while also being able to pull some very practical life skill tools out of the toolbox. I look back on our time together extremely fondly and couldn't recommend her more.

Ready for Your Next Step?

While I live in California, our coaching relationship happens over the phone or Skype. That means I’m able to serve clients all over the world. Phone sessions may seem strange at first, but my clients soon love the flexibility, convenience and connection that this method provides. How many sessions a month and how long we work together is up to you, however, I do ask for a minimum three-month (12 sessions) commitment as it takes at least that long for you to start to implement the shifts that happen during our sessions. My recommendation is that you make a six-month commitment to yourself and to your growth as this is a good chunk of time for you to see and feel real results. Change is challenging and takes time, but the personal reward of investing in yourself is immeasurable. If it feels right, the next step is to contact me below so we can connect and see how we might work together. I look forward to learning your story.

I am so happy that I got the opportunity to work with Carla. It has truly made a huge impact on my life. Carla has a keen ability to know when to push and when to be supportive. She really helps you face your growth head on but with compassion and your best interests at heart.

One Last Thought

If you’re wondering why you need a coach, and if you can just make the necessary changes on your own, I agree—you can do it on your own. But the truth is, we all find a million reasons not to do our inner work. And trying to make life changes without the proper support and motivation can lead to frustration, procrastination and more pain. As your coach, I can walk you through the change cycle and keep you focused on your dream, your goals and your motivation so that the challenges don’t bog you down along the way. When you start to doubt yourself (and we all do) or feel that it’s not worth the effort, I can help you move forward, offering a different perspective and helping to beat back those old inner voices that say, “you’re not good enough” or “you’ll never succeed.” Besides, it’s way more fun to have a partner along for the ride. Why not contact me to see what might be possible?

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